Make Sure Your Project Reaches the Cutting Edge of Style

Japan is known for its experimental architecture and distinctive interior design, offering a unique design ideology that balances craftsmanship with a connection to the environment. In recent years, this has piqued the interest of designers, architects and homeowners alike with growing interest in a technique called Shou Sugi Ban, a traditional Japanese burning practice that […]

The Strong Choice for Durability

When looking for materials for a project we search for something that is not only beautiful but is also durable and performs well. That’s where Accoya comes in. A treated wood, Accoya has become the benchmark for scientists against which other treatments and modified timbers are measured. Reliability is exactly what Accoya wood gives. Their […]

The 3 Signs That Tell You it’s Time to Strip & Refinish

There are many warning signs to know when you need to maintain, clean, update or renovate your property. What is worse than when a hurricane comes and your shutters have swelled or rotted? Or it’s BBQ time and your patio furniture is rusted and flakey? These may seem like small problems but they can lead […]

Meet Our Staff…Teofilo

What is your job title? Carpenter & Cabinet Maker What do you do at BS&R? Anything I am asked to! Mainly milling, joining, and assembly. What is your background? I started my apprenticeship for a Woodworking firm in the Azores at 12 years old. By 16 I was already well experienced and was allowed to […]