Our History

It was in 1976 that Tony Madeiros, a local contract painter, purchased a small local stripping company and, with the help of his brother John, founded Bermuda Stripping and Refinishing.

Originally set up for architectural millwork and metal work, the company soon expanded into stripping and refinishing high-end furniture. This ultimately led to BS&R offering world-class antique restorations.

After establishing a reputation for excellence in restorations, BS&R swiftly branched into carpentry and shutter production through its Shutter Shop division, which was absorbed into T-Made Custom Carpentry in 2009.

Now, the company’s three divisions: Bermuda Antique Restorations, Bermuda Stripping and Refinishing and T-Made Custom Carpentry are known, collectively, as the BS&R Group.

Our Values

The company’s dedication to high standards of quality ensures that BS&R Group clients, both residential and commercial, receive the very best products. And by continually developing its techniques, products and services, and with the intimate knowledge of Bermuda’s unique climate and architecture, the company now offers the highest quality shutters, doors, windows, cabinets, staircases, antique restoration, and stripping and refinishing services to be found island-wide.

We set the standard in Bermuda for woodworking & carpentry.

Our Plan

With the younger Anthony Madeiros, Tony’s son, joining BS&R group, the company looks to the future.

Moving forward, the firm will reduce its carbon footprint, increase design capabilities through innovative technology and products while still preserving the traditional craftsmanship skills that have served generations of families.