Each year, the Green Builder Media editorial team selects a handful of Eco Leaders. These are companies that are paving the way to a sustainable future with innovative products and forward-thinking business practices. These chosen companies are then highlighted in the Green Builder magazine.

The Eco Leaders are recognized for setting an example for other companies to follow, reducing their environmental footprint and improving the lives of a wide range of people through the development of enabling technologies, the advance of the circular economy, the practice of resource conservation, and the continued reduction of carbon emissions. These visionary companies utilize renewable energy, extend the life cycle of their products, maintain a sustainable supply chain, and give back to their communities.


This year the Green Builder team celebrated the sustainability of Accoya’s efforts as a 2016 Eco-Leader for its eco-friendly innovations, from its production, use and end of life. Accoya provides the builder with a wood product that won’t harm the environment, it’s a sustainable and class leading product competing with materials that aren’t sustainable.

Green Builder Media stated that Accoya was awarded for “its careful selection of fast-growing Radiata pine and alder trees to minimize the effects of deforestation. Accoya’s all-natural wood products are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic, with extremely low emissions levels.”

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