With so many social media outlets there are a lot of ways for businesses to interact with the public. We are proud then to promote our Instagram account @bdastripping and share our work with the world.


While there always seems to be some trendy new platform on the horizon that everyone is talking about, Instagram is here to stay. Having reached 150 million active users faster than any other social media platform, it’s easy to see that this site is a force to be reckoned with. And as visual content becomes more and more important,  Instagram becomes the go to for businesses to interact on a more personable level.


With so many beautiful pieces and interesting projects we work on, Instagram is the perfect outlet to showcase them. Enabling us to show details, behind the scenes building, finished pieces and before and after photos.  It is the perfect place to check out if you want to see our techniques, our carpenters and our work in progress.


Visit our account and gain a whole new perspective of BS&R as well as our industry. We are happy we’re able to show our audience who we really are.

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