Commitment to anything – whether a person, a creed, an idea or a home accent color – requires conviction. And when you are building your first home from the ground up, there are countless decisions to make on endless options.

Let’s take shutters as an example: what lumber to do you want them built out of? Do you want your shutters painted or unfinished? If painted what color do you have in mind? What slat size is favorable? Do you desire a side-hung shutter or a push-out shutter? Maybe a bi-fold? Are you satisfied with the standard hardware options?

And that’s just the shutters!

We built and installed exterior doors, utility doors, gates, shutters, interior baseboards and architrave moulding for this new residential home. We also installed the interior staircase railings.

These first-time homeowners had a vision – a shared conviction – and were able to execute it to near perfection. Every detail was combed through, debated over, and decided on. We congratulate them on a successful project and wish them nothing but great memories and future success

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