We are biased. Wood shutters, wood shutters, wood shutters. And here’s why:

  1. They Look Better. There, we said it. Whether finished or unfinished, wooden shutters are more aesthetically appeasing than alternatives.
  2. They Can Be Repaired. Vinyl (PVC) shutters are often touted as being maintenance-free when they are in fact unmaintainable. If they break, you have to replace the entire shutter. If a wooden shutter experiences damage, you can simply replace the affected area.
  3. They Make Less Noise.If you have old ears like us then you enjoy peace and quiet at home. Have you ever heard metal shutters clanging in the wind? Yikes.
  4. They’re Actually Less Expensive Over Their Lifetime.You read that correctly. While initial costs of wooden shutters tend to be slightly more expensive than alternatives, maintaining/replacing metal and vinyl shutters is typically a factor unaccounted for when purchasing shutters. Unfinished wooden Accoya shutters with stainless steel hardware is guaranteed by the manufacturer for up to 50 years!Contact us for free pricing!

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