The Green family continues to believe in the Bermuda product, and their latest project at the Hamilton Princess was to expand the popular harbor side restaurant, 1609.

D&J Construction were the primary contractors for this undertaking, and the BS&R Group Ltd. were hired to build and install an Entrance Door and Awning Windows; and to install the interior ceiling boards. A+ Carpentry were subcontracted to provide the installation support required to complete this project ahead of schedule.

Spanish Cedar was the lumber of choice for this project, and the grain was left unfinished in order to weather naturally. The existing restaurant design was the template in which to work from, and we matched every detail as closely as possible. The window configuration is non-traditional in the sense that they are intended to function similar to push-out shutters. The view from the restaurant is too wonderful to obstruct, so the windows utilized bespoke piano hinges and single-pane glass to maximize a patron’s ability to appreciate Hamilton Harbor.

The 1609 restaurant at the Hamilton Princess is one of Bermuda’s most popular sunset dining experiences. Make sure to call in advance to reserve a sea-side table, and maybe take a minute to appreciate the new wood features on show!