BSR Deck Project

One of the most rewarding aspects of our business is relationship building. Some clients have loyally requested our services for decades while others have only recently discovered our capabilities. Each relationship is unique and requires traits common to most healthy relationships: trust, access, nurturing, understanding and respect.

It’s with this mentality that we approach each job with. Building a pair of quality shutters may lead to building new windows; refinishing a table may lead to building a new set of chairs, etc.. Our involvement in this wonderful dock upgrade project began with us first restoring a table for the client and then building them new shutters. They quickly became aware that we had the capacity to undertake any project requiring wood, so we were ultimately contracted to supply and install their new dock decking and railing extensions.

Before we could begin constructing the new dock deck, the existing one had to be demolished. Crisson Construction did a great job removing the old dock, driving new concrete piles needed for the vessel lifts, and supplying all materials to site via a barge. The marine working environment proved to be a healthy challenge owing to the outdoor air temperature, and weight of the Ipe lumber. It took roughly ten consecutive weeks from the time the lumber arrived to site to the day we packed away our tools.




Ipe was chosen as the lumber type for the support structure and deck boards due to its durability and ability to withstand the salt-water environment. Stainless steel hardware and premium concrete epoxy were also used throughout to ensure resistance to corrosion. We laid out the deck boards with considerations for the plumbing and electricals related to the fresh water stations, and also faced the dock bollards with Ipe for sake of aesthetic. These bollards were originally intended to be exposed concrete, however we suggested otherwise with the guarantee that their functionality and structural integrity would not be compromised.



Once the deck was complete we built and installed Spanish Cedar railing extensions to finish off the new dock upgrade. Despite the inherit challenges, this project was extremely rewarding. The relationship that began with a table restoration led to a new dock that we trust will be enjoyed by the client’s friends and family for the foreseeable future.

Many thanks to D&J Construction as the primary Contractor, and to Crisson Construction for their professionalism throughout. Mr. Michael Tatem of Crisson Construction designed the dock upgrade, and we are thrilled that the BS&R Group Ltd. was chosen to realize his vision.



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