“Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me you built a time machine?” Not quite the mechanical time-machine from popular science-fiction literature and film; more like a room with spray-guns and paint that can bring a piece of furniture decades into the future. A fountain of youth might be a more appropriate analogy; an age-reversing well of chemical transformation. Furniture refinishing is the first service that we offered back in 1976, and we proudly continue to alter furniture finishes forty-five years later. One of the most note-worthy projects from the first half of 2021 required us to strip and refinish a twenty-seven-foot Boardroom Table for a multinational company.

It took us eight weeks to refinish this colossal table between collection and delivery. Originally this walnut wood table had an amber-toned finish commonly found in sterile corporate settings. After travelling through our time machine this table is the feature item in the room; a matte-black vessel of cooperation complimented by carillion burled veneered audio-visual covers. The additional consideration for the AV covers provided needed contrast to the new table finish, and symbolically paid homage to its previous life. We’re very pleased with the outcome of this project and predict that more companies will be requesting passage through our time machine.

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