Times were very different at the start of this decade. In 2010 Bermuda was feeling the effects of the global economic recession, and property owners were reluctant to invest in improvement projects. There were days back then when despite our best attempts to maintain productivity, our employees had to reluctantly knock off earlier than desired. We managed to stay afloat through this difficult period and recovered due to increased economic confidence and investments in Bermuda’s hospitality sector.

Luxury home renovations increased after 2012, and the acquisition of the Fairmont Hamilton Princess by the Green family that year kickstarted a renewed enthusiasm in the Bermuda product. Capital investments in infrastructure by the Bermuda Government also aided small and medium size businesses, and preparation for the America’s Cup Regatta in 2017 added an additional economic stimulus.

The next decade will begin much better than the previous one, and we hope consumer confidence continues to increase. Furthermore, property owners are increasingly making investments in higher quality materials, hardware, and finishes; and understand that they typically save money long term when spending more upfront. Our goal is to continue providing these quality solutions to your needs, and look forward to working with many of you well into the future.

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